The Impact of Psychopathology, Social Adversity and Stress-relevant DNAm on Prospective Risk for Post-traumatic Stress: A Machine Learning Approach

Content Youth Conservation Program (15. Rural Energy for America Program (REAP): Energy Audit & Renewable Energy Development Assistance (10. Tips to Help Seniors During COVID-19 Red Flags and the Health Impact of Human Trafficking[edit edit source] Case Conceptualization and Treatment: Adults Trajectories of resilience and dysfunction following potential trauma: A review and statistical evaluation Intensive […]

Reddit AITA: Womans Family Tried to Bring Alcohol Into Her Sober Home

Content Health Info Supporting information Drinking at the movies Qualitatively, the model presented here detects a wide variety of different alcohol-related hashtags, including slang. Tweets containing these hashtags capture a large amount of information regarding alcohol consumption behavior at a broad population level. The set of hashtags resulting from this study is useful for future […]